Humiliation 196


Blackmailed Turkish slave get humiliated in floor!
The Turkish slave Mohhamed of Princess Nicole must first fulfill his duties and clean the bathroom of the moody Mistress. But then the natural sadistic lady suddenly gets a hell of an idea. She is threatening to film her slave with her phone and send it to his wife, his turkish relatives and his employers in the company. She even threatens to send Ayse, which will then spread it throughout in the Islamic community. For slave Mohammed an end of the world, nothing worse could happen, that would be the end for him. Princess Nicole is having a blast of blackmailing him without limits and ordering him to do so now that he has to endure everything. And meant by her - really everything !!!
Again and again Mohammed tries to get upset and complains about not doing certain things. But immediately Nicole grabs the phone to write Ayse. And immediately Mohammed does everything again.
And so it happens that the Turkish slave Mohammed is basically humiliated by Princess Nicole in the floor. He has to be shown off with the soap in his mouth, has to eat soap and spit up with toothpaste. Eating her nose snot and earwax. Spit in the mouth and piss. her piss and verbally insulted in his religion to the deepest.
Having lost his honor and his pride in an unsurpassable manner, he finally remains mortally humiliated on the ground. ,

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Humiliation 196

  • Product Code: Humiliation 196
Length: Minute
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