On our pages you have two options.

1. Buy videos and photos individually in the shop if you only want to have special updates..(Buy here direct our videos . Because here our videos are cheapest throughout in complete Internet. On all other platforms you pay the double!)

2. With a membership can you view and download all videos and photos. You can choose a membership for only one page or a combi membership for all pages. If you find on one Website not your favorite paymentoption please take the combi Membership at one of the other sites. It will give you anyway Access to all Websites.

First, log in to the join page. Enter any username and an email address. Then you can choose the plan:

1. Single Buying

2. Membership

If you choose single buying, you will be sent to your account immediately after registration. From here, you can go back to home again and select and buy videos in the categories. After the purchase you will find the videos and photozips under "Downloads" in your account. There you can watch and download the videos and photos.

If you choose membership, you will come directly to the payment page immediately after the registration. After payment, you will be returned directly to your account.
If you now go to the categories and there to the videos, you will find there a downloadbutton. So you can download the videos and photozips.

If you have only the membership for this one page, you can only download only the videos from this site. If you have taken the combi membership, you can download all videos and photos from all sites.

You can see which pages are included in combi-membership on the page "Our Sites"


 If you have to specify address, name, etc., enter something. Nothing is physically sent to your address, unless you order it explicitly.


In the middle on the top you can change the language! If you find on one website not your favorite paymentoption(some have no credit card in selection for exempal) please take the combi membership at one of the other sites. It will give you anyway access to all websites.