Humiliation 95
Princess Diavola poured some sparkling onto the floor on her balcony. The self-confident young princess would never condescend to clean it herself. For this she takes her mobile cleaning rag Joschi, who cleans everything for her. At her command, Joschi has to kneel down and lick the floor of the balcony with his tongue. The young gypsy lady presses his head nicely on the floor with her foot. Joschi obediently licks the sparkling from the tiled floor of the balcony. Then the dark princess pushes the hot ashes of her cigarette onto the floor and also s him to lick it away. That makes her sadistic heart beat faster. To see her slave licking the champagne from the floor and eating her ashes.
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Humiliation 95

  • Product Code: Humiliation 95
Length: Minute
  • 8.00€

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