Cuckolding 146

Glamour Goddess Barbie Humiliation For Her Impotent Old Cuckold Hubby!

FULL MOVIE incl. Sauna Part!


Goddess Barbie brings her new lover home to the villa and shows him her wellness landscape. Pool, sauna, whirlpool and everything that belongs to them. But then the new engraver suddenly sees a man lying around. Barbie appeases him and explains that this is just her pathetic husband. The old sack would have been trained to cuckold by her anyway. As proof, she sends the hubby to his knees with an order from the distance. Then the devilish blonde beast begins to humiliate him in front of her lover. He has to serve the two of them champagne and Barbie invites her fucker to humiliate her hubby too. Both tease the old money servant with the sexy curves of his young wife. The humiliator throws his swimming trunks on his head and finally both humiliate the old cuckold sack while he has to clean the wet floor with handkerchiefs at her feet.

The next round begins with the cuckold humiliation of Goddess Barbie's Hubby. First of all, the mean bimbo slut pulls his pants down in front of the master to humiliate him in the ground. She points to his mini penis and laughs out loud at him. Then he has to stand with champagne glasses in hand and watch as the super horny blonde slutty diva fervently sucks the shaft of her lover. He stands there in full humility, with a red head, holding his glasses for the ruling couple. And has to watch languidly as his beloved young woman does it hard with her attractive lover in front of him.

Another round in her cuckold spouse's mocking humiliation triumph. The young ruling couple does it unrestrained in different positions in front of the eyes of the pathetic old cuckold grandpa. The shameless fucking Goddess Barbie is not sacred. She spits in her husband's face, over and over again, while the humiliator fucks her from behind. While she holds his collar tight with the leash, she verbally abuses and humiliates him incessantly. After all, the ruling couple want to keep having fun in the sauna. Then they ride on the back of the old sack to the nearby sauna. There in the sauna, the humiliating fuck orgy of the battered and totally subjugated slipper hero is to continue for the amusement of the sadistic-dominant couple. And when they arrive in the sauna, the next torturous surprise awaits the poor old laughing victim.

Once in the sauna, the endless torture takes a dramatic acceleration for the old age cuckold loser. The sadistic-dominant couple wraps the poor hubby completely in plastic wrap. In the already red-hot sauna, only the old bag should really melt in the foil. The two cruel sadists want to torture him mentally and physically until he collapses. First he has to watch the horny, slut-like super blonde suck her lover's cock hard and persistently. Like she has never blown him and never will blow it! The humiliator just gets everything it will never have. He also gets his tail waxed tightly by the hot beast. Until he finally hits her hard on the hubby. In sadistic elation, which cannot be surpassed in meanness, the two tyrants fuck each other on the old servant who is vegeterating in foil in several positions to the near climax. The approaching climax, the truly crowning conclusion of the perverted humiliation orgy only finds its realization somewhere else.

When the heavy, totally depraved bitchy Princess milks her fucker's plump cock hard until he cums in her mouth. And the rotten young blonde witch spits all the sperm into her old husband's mouth with a funnel. Accustomed to orders, he has to swallow all of her lover's sperm. How far should this hubby still sink ?!

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Cuckolding 146

  • Product Code: Cuckolding 146
Length: Minute
  • 45.90€

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