Cuckolding 116


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The humiliate brings his new pearl home and when the two enter the first room, Missy sees in astonishment the strange thing that lurked miserably kneeling in the corner. The Master explains to her that this is his slave and bondage. As a cuckold is always humiliated and finished. The couple makes themselves comfortable on the couch and both begin to enjoy themselves over the cuckold. The master makes it clear to him over and over again that he is only allowed to look, to the maximum of the feet of Missy may smell. But he must not get too close. The degrading one then shows him by his flame what he will never have. He teases him with the sexy body of the young sexy skinny princess. Both kiss passionately, get together and play with each other. For the cuckold they only have humiliation.
Both berate him, laugh at him and verbally insult him again and again with humiliating gestures. Finally, Missy begins to passionately suck her master's magnificent cock. The master in meanwhile continuing humiliate his cuckold and cutting psychotic grimaces with sadistic satisfaction.

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Cuckolding 116

  • Product Code: Cuckolding 116
Length: Minute
  • 13.90€

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