Humiliation 125


The superhumanly powerful MUSCLE GOD MASTER DOLF has fucked Josch´s unattainable DREAMGIRL GODDESS PERFECTA with his giantic monster cock all night long. Under the bed bathed in sweat of total frustration, the 40 years old virgin loser had to suffer unbearable torture as his ABSOLUTELY SUPERIOR BULLY, given the QUEEN of his broken heart countless multiple mega orgasms.

Screaming with delight DOLF fucked the DIVINE PRINCESS increasing the anguish of his lovesick slave with every push to build the base for the next fireworks of total humiliation.

Now, completely satisfied with his work DOLF degrades the heart broken loser in front of the cam for OUR amusement.

The SUPER SADISTIC MASTER displays his stark naked slave on a leash in front of the SUPER BEAUTIFUL GODDESS PERFECTA.

With delectation DOLF forces his little boot licker to crawl on his knees before the freshly fucked GODDESS. The pathetic wimp gets the order from his ALMIGHTY MASTER to beg the PRINCESS to be allowed worshipping one of DOLF´S supersize condoms HE used last night.

THE SUPER SADISTIC BRUNETE BOMBSHELL makes Joschi beg like a good doggie as HE teases the wimp with the condom completely filled with the superior cum of his MASTER.

Horny with pure lust SHE crushes the wimp´s broken heart by fancying about the great sex with the MASTER. With calculated verbal abuse the two GORGEOUS SUPER SADISTS raise Joschi´s masochistic nature and turn him into a totally sick grotesque creep that is yawing and begging for complete humiliation. Again the WORLD can laugh at this unique pervert! How will Joschi´s parents react when MASTER DOLF show them this clip? Will Joschi bear this incredible shame or will he die because of this total humiliation? HAHAHA…

Humiliation 125

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